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Mission Statement
The basic principle upon which our company was founded is a simple one. To provide an ever increasing level of "QUALITY" not only in the product itself, but in the areas of service, price, appearance, and in the level of professionalism not always found in our industry. To never forget our customers loyalty because without them our success would not have been possible. Not only to achieve it, but to maintain and improve on it, on a daily basis. To lead rather than to follow, and to do this honestly thereby maintaining the integrity upon which this company was founded. For over 41 years this philosophy has served us well, and we will continue to strive for the highest level of quality in all aspects, and areas of our industry.

42 Years of service and counting!



Quality Concious, Experienced Staff
Our vetran staff is highly qualified with several employees reaching and surpassing their 20th year with Converter Man. Quality service and product is not only about the equipment you have, at Converter Man we feel it's about the people you employ. People make the difference.


State of The Art Equipment
We use all the technology available to us to produce the best product possible. This includes state of the art welding, testing and balancing equipment. We were the first in Canada to introduce the burnishing of hubs for a high quality long lasting factory finish.


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