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Listed below are frequently asked questions related to Converterman's products and services. If you have a question that is not listed here, please click here to submit a new question.

Question: I do not have a Converterman account, how do i create an account so that i can order the products i require?

Answer: First time customers are prompted to create an account when initially checking out of their shopping cart. The system will ask you to create a new account if you don't already have one. For orders after that, you simply enter your login information that is assigned to you on the first order.

Question: Can an early 4l60E converter be interchanged with a later ec2 style torque converter?

Answer: No they cannot interchange, and this is why... The EC2 sysytem uses a different type of converter clutch line. Essentially the line is called a carbon woven line. In english this means that it is virtually impervious to heat.This unit needs to be very durable and as heat resistant as possible because an EC2 system pulses the converter cluth on much earlier, and never fully locks up, so alot of slip = alot of heat.The earlier versions do not use this woven type line,they use carbon-paper, this is still a great line, but not for the EC2 application! You cannot put a late EC2 unit in place of an earlier version either,it will work and last but it does have a different coeficient of friction.Again in english this means that the later woven line though more durable,has less bite! And you could have a slipping clutch line setting a code. GM designed these for a reason, so We recomend using the proper torque for the proper application every time, and you will never have a problem.

Question: I have a 4t40e transmission can you get a performance torque converter for it?

Answer: Absolutely, any torque converter can be modified,to increase or decrease it's stall speed.

Question: How long is your warranty?

Answer: Good question ! Our warranty is 2 years it's the longest in the business, and for good reason, we have been in his industry for over 40 years,and produce only high quality products, we leave the discount econo products to everybody else!!

Question: I havean industrial converter, what is the turnaround time ?

Answer: We understand that having a machine down can be costly, we can turn units around the same day, infact in case of extreme rush situations we could do them as fast as 3 hours in needed!And that's any converter not just industrial units!! We have state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced staff to do the job.

Question: I have a shop in the city, and have had many problems getting good service from my suppliers, do you deliver, and how long does it take to get an order ?

Answer: Not a problem, we have 4 delivery vehicles , and they are tracked via satelite GPS. Not only are we fast, we know were are drivers are and exactly when they will be at their next call. We deliver not only in Toronto, but we go as far as North Bay, Windsor, Ottawa, Fort Erie, etc.

Question: Hi there, Do you folks accept international orders?

Answer: Hello, yes we do ship international orders!

Question: Hello I'm interested to buy a torque converter for my buick regal of 1978. I've seen a converter for my car in your catalog : THM 200 Non-Lockup P/N: 200 SP $118.18 USD Do you send torque converter to france? if it's ok, can you give me a cost for shipping ? And how to paid, CB, paypal ... ? cordially.

Answer: Hello, yes we can ship to france, and we accept credit cards or pay pal. I will need your address to quote you a shipping cost.

Question: What is the difference between a HIGH STALL+LOW STALL converter? I have an '88 Ford Bronco 2 with an A4LD with overdrive that needs to be rebuilt, can the torque be modified to use (transfer) more of the engines output up through the RPM range? Does that make sense? Keven

Answer: Hello, thanks for your question, a high stall converter will reach coupling or power transfer at a higher rpm which gives the same effect as reving a standard vehicle up and realeasing the clutch, therefore launching the vehicle at a point were it makes more horspower.A low stall converter does the opposite, that is that it couples or transfers power at a lower rpm, this is also desireable for a variety of different reasons, for example better fuel mileage, diesel vehicle applications that make power down low etc etc.However this is only when the vehicle starts from a stand still , once you are fully coupled at cruising speed all converters work pretty much the same. A converter will only transfer the power at different rpm ranges, it will not and can not increase your horsepower.I hope this helps.

Question: hi, in your listings for the 4l80e converters, you say that the new style(2000 and up) factory torque converters should be changed. Can you explain this in more detail? thanks

Answer: All 4L80E torque converters built from 2000 and newer should be rebuilt because of an inherent oem defect. The oem units have a stamped piston that had been manufactured using poorly desighned dies causing a sharp bend in the piston that is prone to cracking. When this happens the lockup will be affected causing lockup codes, slip and in extreme cases a no lockup condition. I hope this helps

Question: I have a 200-4r and I have been looking for a hi stall converter for it. Do you carry any converters in the 2500-3000 rpm stall range? I would like to retain the lock up. The transmission currently has a "D6" converter in it. I know many of the Turbo Buick crowd have the D5 converter re-stalled to 2800 rpm. What that be possible with my converter? What would the cost be on that job?

Answer: Hey, yes we can build you up to 4500 stall and still maintain the lockup function, its one of our specialties.

Question: I have a converterman for a th 350, would like to know what the markings on it mean. First one E2. 2nd, 09/2008 & third mark 03-11. Could you help me out with these markings. Gary

Answer: Hey the E2 designates the batch and builder, the 03-11 next to our logo engraving is the sell date, (March 2011) as far as the 09/2008 those are not our numbers, they could have been on the core already before it was rebuilt.


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